If you are interested in becoming involved in the Sugar Creek community, consider becoming involved in, participating in, or sharing your ideas with one of our Committees!

SOCIAL COMMITTEE - designed to bring residents together through special events or special interests.  Whether it's Yard Sales, Bunco, Book Club, or Walking, to name a few, there may be other interested neighbors.  Contact us with any ideas you may have to bring neighbors together.

LANDSCAPE/BEAUTIFICATION COMMITTEE - designed to bring residents together with or without a green thumb and the desire to become a part of an effort to keep our community clean, dress up the entrances with flowers and shrubs, share ideas or plants with other residents wanting to dress up their home with flowering landscape, and share ideas on how we can beautify our common areas economically.

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH - Staying alert to activities in the neighborhood,  looking out for each other while walking your dog, driving through the neighborhood, or just looking out your window, and reporting suspicious activities to the Police. 

Anyone interested in becoming a Neighborhood Watch Coordinator to partner with the Chesterfield County Police Department, please contact us.

ARCHITECTURAL MODIFICATION COMMITTEE - responsible for review and approval of any requests for modifications made to the exterior of your property.  If you wish to add landscaping, modify, add, or replace a deck, add a screened porch or sunroom, replace an entry door, storm door, or windows, you must submit your request for approval.

 MAINTENANCE COMMITTEE - responsible for inspecting the community for maintenance issues and violations, making sure contractors perform according to their contract and reporting concerns to the management company. Two members of the Committee will walk the community, front and back, looking for these issues periodically.  A well maintained community will maintain and hopefully elevate our property values making Sugar Creek not only a wonderful place to live but a community desired by potential buyers.